Izzy's Magical Camogie Adventure

Izzy's Magical Camogie Adventure

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Izzy is an eight-year-old girl who lives in Ireland and loves all sport, especially camogie and Gaelic football.

Izzy plays Gaelic football with her local club “Bally GAA” and has just started playing camogie.

Izzy is very excited to learn how to play camogie, but she is frustrated when she can’t master all the skills as quickly as she would like. One day, Izzy puts on her great grandmother’s bracelet, which is made of old All Ireland medals that her great grandmother won a long time ago. Just like during her first magical adventure, the bracelet takes Izzy on a journey, but this time, it’s a different type of adventure! This new magical journey is just as exciting as her first one, and it sees Izzy come back with some important lessons learned and with more than just new camogie skills!

This book is aimed at readers from age seven onwards starting to read independently. It is based around the themes of girls in sport, encouraging girls to play sport and girl’s ability to play sport at a high level, while also having a fun magical theme. It could also be read to a younger child. It is the second in the “Izzy” series of books by Emma Larkin. The first book is “Izzy’s Magical Football Adventure”.