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About Us

Field Queens, founded by Oonagh Whyte and Orlaith Duff, champions top-tier sports and leisurewear crafted for and by female athletes. At the heart of our brand is the drive to empower women on and off the field through quality gear essential for peak performance. Join us, and elevate your game.

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Elevate Your Game

Precision-Fit for Female Players

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Forged on the field

Born from the shared vision of intercounty players Oonagh Whyte and Orlaith Duff, Field Queens is more than a brand—it's a movement. United by a year off the pitch, we transformed adversity into the birth of sportswear that champions female athletes.

Crafted for women

Central to our lineup are the GAA gloves, crafted with precision for the unique contours of women's hands. These gloves are a symbol of our commitment to meet the specific needs of female athletes, offering unparalleled grip, comfort, and resilience.

Empower Your Play

Being a part of Field Queens means more than wearing sportswear; it's joining a community committed to breaking barriers. Embrace our ethos of empowerment, excellence, and unity, on and off the field.

Who we are and how we founded Fiel Queens
Field Queens

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From the people

From the people

Finally, gloves that feel like they were made just for me!
— Siobhan, Galway